Quality Policy


Niko Steel & Engineering LLP maintains a high level of quality standards through comprehensive quality tests at all stages of manufacturing performed by our dedicated people along with a solid infrastructure. We use high-grade raw materials in our products to assure the highest possible quality of finished products. We also provide material test certifications for our products during product supply or as requested by the client. We have a stringent quality control procedure in place to verify that the dimensions and mechanical qualities of the materials meet or exceed the needs of the client.

For us, quality is defined by the usability and application of the product rather than its longevity and defect-free nature. As a result, we strive to create products that can serve a variety of functions and meet a variety of needs. We have a comprehensive quality test to verify that the product is free of flaws and meets international standards. Every level of manufacturing has its own quality test, and we only buy raw materials from reputable, dependable, and well-established vendors.

Our quality testing method adheres to a distinct working culture that values principles such as innovation, open communication, self-management, and respect.

People forget about the price but remember the poor quality of the product, hence we undertake stringent quality inspections at every level of production. Understanding client requirements and guaranteeing the supply of products that meet those requirements is only feasible with the assistance of our quality control team’s rigorous quality tests at each stage of production.

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